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INFKNIT Apparel is a reversible, sustainable clothing company with a practical approach to design. We offer high quality clothing that is reversible, versatile, and combats a wasteful culture of consumerism. INFKNIT Apparel formed around three main principles: sustainability, adaptability and transparency in the production process. We create quality and timeless apparel for the travelers, business women, trend-setters and the timeless.

what does sustainable mean?

Let’s make a difference. Join us. Join INFKNIT Apparel. 

Reducing Pollution of Fast-Fashion

Did you know that the fashion industry is the one of the most polluting industries? In fast fashion, massive water use and pollution take place during production. Each year, around 5 TRILLION liters of water are used for dying fabrics. The amount of water required for one cotton shirt is equal to the amount one person drinks in 2.5 years! This trend stops now. This trend stops with slow, ethical fashion. This trend stops with INFKNIT Apparel.

Without Environmental Harm

What is sustainable fashion and why do we care? Sustainable fashion, or apparel, is an industry that produces clothes without environmental harm. Sustainable companies often strive to be socially, economically, and environmentally sustainable. Companies often strive to embody these characteristics through making a positive impact on communities. Continue to learn with us! Continue to learn about INFKNIT Apparel

Reducing Climate Change

Climate change is producing a multitude of effects. Humans need clean air and non-toxic environments to survive. Unpredictable weather patterns and natural disasters are becoming increasingly common. Changes in growing seasons are leading to huge agricultural losses. Rising sea levels are leading to the loss of beaches. As some of these impacts are already evident, our rate of consumerism cannot continue. We do not have the resources to maintain this.